CCA Renewals – Due June 30

NOTE: Not all CCAs will renew this year since certification must be renewed every two years.


Who must renew this year by June 30?

CCA Certificates are issued for 2 years and are renewed every 2 years. Any CCA Level I or Level II who is unsure if this is the year they must renew their certification should either check their current wall certificate, or log into their WebPortal account at: to confirm their renewal date.


What are the requirements to recertify?

Education: You must obtain 6 hours of CCA Level I (Clinical) education for your Level I. If you are also a Level II (Xray), you need an additional 6 hours of xray education.

Fee: The fee for the two year renewal is $50. There is only one $50 fee whether you are Level I or Level II certified.


Where do I get the Education?

NOTE: The NC Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NCBOCE) does NOT provide education for certification/recertification.

The NCBOCE provides the testing and certification. Education must be obtained elsewhere- such as your state association. You will likely need to establish an account with your state association education provider such as the NC Chiropractic Association or the Carolina Chiropractors.


Wait, there are a lot of web sites involved. What does each one do?

  1. CE Tracker – this may be where you previously registered for certification in years past. This site has been retired and is no longer used. Delete any links to this site.
  2. CE Broker ( this is where all approved continuing education courses can be found, and your course credits can be stored. You will need a free account on this site.
  3. The NC Board of Chiropractic Examiners WebPortal. This is where you will need a user account to manage your certifications and renewals. Find the portal HERE.
  4. State associations each have their own education systems and will require access to their web site.


What is the procedure to recertify as a CCA?

  1. Obtain your continuing education (CE) credits from an approved education provider. See above.
  2. Record your CE credits in your CE Broker account. In some cases, your education provider will do this for you.
  3. Go to your NCBOCE WebPortal account. Register as a new user if needed. Do that HERE.
  4. Renew your Level I certificate by completing the form on the WebPortal and paying the $50 renewal fee.
  5. Renew your Level II certificate (if applicable) by completing the form. There is no additional fee beyond the Level I renewal fee of $50.


What if I have questions?

For questions, email the NC Board of Chiropractic Examiners at