Frequently Asked Questions

Who does this affect?

ALL certified chiropractic assistants (CCA) will be affected.

This includes:

CCA Level I- Clinical (Certified Chiropractic Assistants)


CCA Level II- Xray (Chiropractic Radiologic Technicians)

This does not affect CAs who are not certified.

Why is it changing?

Currently, the Level I certificate renews every three years on June 30 and the Level II certificates renew every year on December 31.  This makes it very difficult to manage and is not consistent with the board’s goal of aligning the two programs into ONE certification program with two different levels.

What is the change?

Effective June 30, 2022, there will be just ONE Certified Chiropractic Assistant CCA certification program.  All renewed CCA certificates after 6/30/2022 will be valid for 2 years and expire on June 30 two years later.

The CCA Certification Program will consist of two levels of one program referred to as:

CCA Level I – Clinical (previously referred to as Certified Chiropractic Assistants)

This will be the initial level of certification and will reflect the duties and responsibilities described in NC GS 90-143.4 and the newly amended rule 21 NCAC 10.0213.

This is a 24 hour certification program.

CCA Level II – Xray (previously referred to as Xray Techs, Radiologic Techs)

This certification represents an additional level of training (50 hours) and qualifies certificate holders to take x-rays in a chiropractic office.  This is the program described in NC GS 90-143.2 and the newly amended rule 21 NCAC 10.0213.

Completion of this level of training and certification represents a total of 74 hours of training PLUS the requirement of a practical.

Testing and Continuing Education
  • If you are currently certified, you do not need to take any additional tests.
  • If you are currently certified, you don’t need to do anything else until your current certificate expires.
  • Your certificate will renew every two years and will need to be renewed by July 1 of that year.
  • The fee to renew your certificate will be $50.
  • The continuing education requirements are:
    • CCA Level I- Clinical will be required to obtain 6 hours of continuing education every two years for renewal.
    • CCA Level II- Xray will be required to obtain 6 hours of continuing education PLUS an additional 6 hours in radiologic technology (total of 12 hours) every two years for renewal.
When do I need to renew?
CCA Level I – Clinical
If you last renewed by June 30 Your next renewal will be by July 1 Subsequent Renewal (Two Years)
2019 2022 2024
2020 2023 2025
2021 2024 2026
CCA Level II – Xray
If you last renewed by December 31 Your certificate will be extended by 6 months and your next renewal will be due July 1 Subsequent Renewal (Two Years)
2021* 2023 2025
*Renew by 12/31/2021 as scheduled

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How to Print Your Certificate

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On the following page, click the “Certificate” button circled below. This will open a PDF copy of your certificate, which you can save or print.

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