To apply for a Chiropractic Clinical Assistant, Level 1 Certification, applicants must meet the following requirements:
  • At least 18 years of age
  • High school graduate or the equivalent
  • Applicants must complete a 24-hour clinical assistant education course
  • Applicants must take and pass a Clinical Assistant Certification Exam
Education Programs:
Prior to taking the certification exam, an applicant must complete a 24-hour education course. Approved course providers can be found here on our website. PLEASE NOTE: The Board itself does not offer a clinical assistant education course. Any fees paid to a course provider for their educational program do not constitute an application fee paid to the Board, and vice versa.
How To Apply: 
The online Chiropractic Clinical Assistant Level 1 application, can be completed here.
The application will ask you to upload a copy of a government issued ID and a copy of your high school (or college) diploma, transcripts, GED or the equivalent. If you do not have these documents on hand when filling out the application online, they can also be emailed to or faxed to 704-793-1385. The $35 application fee can be paid by credit card here.
The application will also ask you to select the exam date(s) you would like to register for. You can find a list of upcoming exam dates on our Events Calendar. The Board Office must receive your completed application and application fee at least 15 days prior to the exam date you would like to register for.
Level 1 Certification Exam 
The Board is currently offering all Chiropractic Clinical Assistant Level 1 Certification exams online. Exams will be proctored live via video conference. All applicants will be required to log-in to a video conference with a proctor while taking the exam. If you do not have a webcam or are concerned that you will be unable to meet this requirement, please email for potential alternatives.
As the exam is proctored live, it will be offered in different 2-hour time slots on the exam date(s). Once registration for the exam closes, applicants will receive an email where they can select their preferred exam time slot.
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