Chiropractic Physician Renewal


This page outlines the “what, when and how” to successfully complete the License Renewal process.

Your license grants you the privilege to practice chiropractic in the State of North Carolina. A failure to complete your renewal within the required timeframe may cause you to lose that privilege.  Each licensee is responsible for completing the annual renewal requirements as outlined in N.C.G.S. 90-155 and Rule 10. 0204.

To renew your license, you must do the following:

  1. Complete 18-hours of approved Continuing Education
  2. Complete your Annual Renewal Form online
  3. Pay your renewal fee of $300

To all retired licensee’s, please contact the board at to help with your renewal.

All requirements must be completed and received in the Board Office by 5 P.M, on December 31. (NCGS 90-155).

Your license will automatically be cancelled if the Board office has not received your renewal requirements by 5 P.M on January 30. (NCGS 90-155)

If your license lapses, you will not be authorized to practice chiropractic in North Carolina until you are reinstated. The *Reinstatement Process is summarized on the Chiropractic Physician Renewal FAQs page of this web site.

THREE STEPS to Complete the License Renewal Process

  1. Verify Your CE Requirements
  2. Complete and Return the Annual Renewal Form
  3. Pay the Renewal Fee

STEP 1. Verify Your CE Requirements
(Completion of Step 1 will take you to Step 2)

This step verifies your CE credits recorded on CE Broker. You can see more information about viewing or setting up your CE Broker account HERE.

You have enough credits!

STEP 2. Complete and Return the Annual Renewal Form

The Annual Renewal form is available on our website under DC Renewal Form in electronic format.

It does not appear that you have enough registered credits to renew your registration.  Please log into CE Broker to confirm that all your credits have been logged.

We cannot find you in the CE Broker system.  Please click this link to refresh the page and re-enter your license number.  If this problem recurs, please contact us at

We are having trouble communicating with CE Broker.  Please try again in a few minutes.  If this problem recurs, please contact us at

Print your License

Once you have successfully completed all the steps above and the Board Office has received all your information, you will be able to directly print your renewal license through the DC Portal.

After your renewal procedure is complete, it may take up to three business day before your license is actually verified and renewed. You will not be able to print your license until it is verified and renewed. This may take even longer at peak renewal times, especially during December. You are encouraged to renew early.

Printing your Renewal License

  • To print your Renewal License, navigate to your USER HOME screen. Click on Licenses and Renewals pictured in screenshot below.

dc renewal process ss 6

  • From the Active Licenses page, click on the CERTIFICATE icon for the license that you wish to print. A PDF file copy of your license will be generated for printing or downloading.

dc renewal process ss 7

Renewal Tips:

  • Pay your renewal fee early and online through the website.You DO NOT have to wait until the end of the year to make your payment, submit CE completion certificates, and your Annual Renewal Form.
  • Regularly monitor your progress towards meeting your CE requirement using www.CEBroker. Submit CE completion certificates to CEBroker.
  • Always retain a copy of your CE completion certificates. While many CE providers state they will submit the certificates on your behalf, make sure you have a copy in case the provider doesn’t complete this process. You are ultimately responsible for providing proof of completion certificates.
  • Make sure you keep your email address current with the Board. This is our main method of communicating with you so make sure you notify us about an email address change as soon as possible but no longer than 30-days per Statute. Also, please designate the Board email address as a trusted sender so that Board emails don’t get sent to junk or spam folders.
  • It is important to keep in mind when you need proof of your renewed license to meet recertification filings or deadlinesThe earlier you need your renewed license, the earlier you should complete all requirements of the renewal process to enable you to print your renewed license.

*Reinstatement Process

If your license is cancelled, you must complete the following Reinstatement Process:

  • Request reinstatement with a notification to the Board Office via email.
  • Pay a reinstatement Fee of $25 along with your annual renewal fee (if still outstanding),
  • Complete and report to the Board office all required CE hours, and
  • Register and pay the application fee of $300 to take the NC Jurisprudence Exam.
  • NOTE: IF your license has lapsed for more than 180 days you must also take and pass the SPEC Exam.



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