Continuing Education Requirements – Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)

Licensed DC’s in North Carolina are required to complete (2) days, defined as (18) hours, of approved Continuing Education each calendar year to keep their license active and in good standing per N.C.G.S. 90-155.

DC’s can meet this requirement with (18) hours of classroom study, (which may be redefined by the board to include both regular classroom learning as well as live-online study where the student has the ability to interact with the instructor), or you can substitute as follows:

  • Minimum of 10 hour of classroom study


  • A maximum of (8) hours of recorded online study, which may include up to a maximum of (2) self-study/self-reported professional development hours that can include reading peer-reviewed professional journal(s), texts, etc. and visiting vendor displays at professional conventions to become familiar and learn about trends in treatment technologies and new products.

New Licensees/Recent College Graduates – If you graduated from Chiropractic College in the same year as you received your license in North Carolina, you are NOT required to complete the (18) hour Annual Continuing Education requirement for that calendar year. Your Annual CE requirement begins the calendar year following the year you received your license. However, you must renew your license by completing the renewal steps outlined on this web site.

All Other New Licensees – If you are NOT a recent graduate and received your license in North Carolina before September 1st of that year, you must complete the 18 hours of Annual CE requirement. If you received your license after September 1st of that year, your 18 hours of Annual CE requirements begin in the next calendar year.  However, in both instances you must renew your license by completing the renewal steps outlined on this web site.

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