For DC’s that fail to complete the annual Renewal process on time, your license has lapsed and you will be reported on the website as “Lapsed”. You will not be allowed to practice until you come into compliance. This change in Status is governed by G.S 90-155 and Rule 21 NCAC 10 .0202, .0203, .0204.

To have your Lapsed Licenses reinstated within 180 days of cancellation and be reported on the website as “Active” and “In Good Standing”, you must:

  1. Pay the reinstatement fee of $25
  2. Pay the application fee of $300 to take and pass the NC Jurisprudence Exam.

To pay both these fees, click here.

If your Lapsed Licenses has remained Lapsed for greater than 180 days, you must complete the above AND complete the National Board Special Purposes Examination ( SPEC Exam) with a passing score. Please go to the Applicants-Doctor of Chiropractic and complete the application process.