We are now taking applications. Please read the application process below. Application forms and fee must be received by the NCBOCE office no later than 15 calendar days prior to the exam.  Exams are given 4th Saturday in January, April, July & October.  Click here for the schedule. Starting in the morning at 8am, applicants are given an orientation which is followed by the exam.

North Carolina Application Process, DC

Whether you are a chiropractic student, or a licensed chiropractor from another state wishing to be licensed to practice in North Carolina, you must complete the application process as defined below.  If you did not renew your NC license and allowed it to lapse. Please view Lapsed Licenses.

To apply for licensure examination to practice chiropractic in the state of North Carolina, the following is required:

1. Download the following application forms, complete them, and mail them to the address at the bottom of this page.

2. A non-refundable application fee of $300, to pay by credit card click here.

3. A background check is required before licensure.   You will take the two page electronic fingerprint document to a local police station or fingerprinting agency.  If your state or county does not offer electronic fingerprinting, please email us and we will provide manual fingerprinting documents.  Alternatively, please ask them for fingerprint cards and do ink prints. Once completed mail those back to NCBOCE It will take a few weeks to process your background check through NC SBI.  Note: while you can take the exam NC Jurisprudence exam without the background check completed,  you will not receive your test results until after the background check is completed.

4. Obtain official transcripts for the following items. They must be sent directly from the college to us, or submitted with your application in a sealed envelope from the college, to be considered “official”. Electronic Transcripts are also accepted as long as they are official and come directly from the school. Send to ncboce@ncchiroboard.com

• Bachelor’s Degree
• Doctor of Chiropractic Degree*

* The Chiropractic Degree is required for licensure.  However, the NC Jurisprudence test can be taken without it, however you must graduate from chiropractic college with the above degree within 60 days of taking the test. If you are to sit for the exam without this degree, we require a letter (15 days before the exam) from the college registrar stating that anticipated graduation date is within the 60 days following the test date. Test results will not be given until official transcripts are received by the board at our address below and it is verified that you did indeed graduate within 60 days of taking the exam.

5. National Board Requirements for NC Applicants. Obtain official transcripts for National Board Chiropractic Examination in accordance with the following requirements based on graduation date.  Transcripts must be sent directly to us from NBCE to be considered “official”. SPEC Exams are required as specified in the graduation date criteria below, for more information on the SPEC exam through NBCE please visit their website and follow the NBCE application process. SPEC transcripts must also be sent to us as part of the application process.

  •  NC Applicants graduated 7/1/1997 – Present must have parts 1-3 and PT (minimum score 375) and part 4 (minimum score 475) on the National Board Chiropractic Examination.
  •  NC Applicants graduated 7/1/1986-6/30/1997 must have parts 1-3 and PT  on the National Board Chiropractic Examination with passing score.  Applicants must take the SPEC Exam through NBCE as part of the NC licensure application process.
  •  NC Applicants graduated 7/1/1966-6/30/1987 must have parts 1-2 and PT on their National Board Chiropractic Examination with passing score.   Applicants must take the SPEC Exam through NBCE as part of the NC licensure application process.
  •  NC Applicants graduated 6/30/1966 or prior to that date are not required to have National Board Examination transcripts.  Applicants must take the SPEC Exam through NBCE as part of the NC licensure application process.

5. Once you met all the requirements of the process, as defined above, you will receive a letter about the Jurisprudence exam.  Please click on the following links to study.  NC State Laws and Statutes and NC Board Rules and Regulations

6. North Carolina is reciprocal with states that have licensing laws greater than or equal to that of North Carolina. Download the Repricocity Verification and follow the instructions on the form.


Mail all information the required information above to: North Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners