Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fax number?

(704) 793-1385

Where is the Board office?

Mailing Address:
9121 Anson Way, Suite 200
Raleigh, NC 27615

How do I apply for a DC License?

How do I apply? For Doctors of Chiropractic click here. For Level I Chiropractor Assistant’s click here. For Level II X-ray Technicians click here.

What are the requirements for taking the NC Board licensure examination?

Baccalaureate degree, D.C. Degree from a CCE accredited college with completion of a minimum of 4200 hours. DC’s graduated 7/1/1997 – Present must have successful completion of parts I, II, & III (including physiotherapy), and IV of the National Board. (GS 90-143, NC Administrative Code 2110 .0203) Please review the DC Application process for required scores.

Do I have to have a B.S. degree to be licensed?

The requirement is for any baccalaureate degree not specifically a B.S. (GS 90-143 (b)(2))

Does the baccalaureate degree have to be issued prior to graduation from chiropractic college?

No, but it must be conferred prior to being eligible for licensure. (GS 90-143 (b)(2))

When can I take the Board examination for licensure?

The North Carolina Jurisprudence exam is given to all eligible candidates once all other requirements are received by the board office and all requirements are met.  NOTE: The SBI background check must be received before you are eligible for the exam and this may take weeks before we receive it.  The online Jurisprudence Review Course is provided first, then the Jurisprudence exam is given online as candidates become qualified. (NC Administrative Code 21 10 .0202(c), .0203(b))

Do you have reciprocity agreements with other states?

NC offers an application to those license holders from states whose licensing requirements are equal to or greater than those of NC. A reciprocity form of verification must be completed by the chiropractic examiners office from the state from which you are applying.(GS 90-143.1).

NOTE: Reciprocity candidates are required to pass the SPEC exam given by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners with a score of 375 or higher.

Reciprocity candidates must complete the application process. Click here to view the DC Application process.

Who are the Board members?

The Board consists of eight members appointed by the governor and the General Assembly. Click here to read about the board.

How much does it cost to take the exam?

$300.00 (GS 90-149), plus the $38 SBI background fee.

How long after the exam will it be before I get my results?

Results are submitted to candidates as quickly as possible. Usually within a thirty (30) day period following the examination. Results cannot be given until SBI background check results are received by NCBOCE.

Will you accept my foreign credentials?

Only if the undergraduate education was received from an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the U. S. Department of Education and the chiropractic education was received in a college recognized by the C.C.E. or its equivalent. (GS 90-143 (b)(2,3)).

How much continuing education does a DC need to renew their license each year?

18 hours, of approved education (GS 90-155, NC Administrative Code  21 10.0205 (c)(1)).

What is acceptable continuing education?

Continuing education must be approved by the board for DC’s, CA’s, and XT’s. Continuing education is postgraduate education that deals with information that is within the scope of chiropractic (excluding practice building, insurance, etc.) as related specifically to each license or registration. Seminars must be reviewed and approved by the board. Practice Management programs are not approved. For the CE Approval Process click here.

Must I renew my license each year?

Yes, DC’s must renew annually on or before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January in each year after a license has been issued (GS 90-155).  Annual CE’s taken and renewal payment are required to qualify for the next year’s renewal.

Can I put my license in Inactive Status?

A doctor that is retired and does not treat any patients may keep an active license without license renewal education (CE) as long as the renewal fee is paid (GS 90-155) and the renewal form is completed. To return to active status (treat patients) they must prove competency to the board before they are reactivated.

How do I renew my license or registration?

Chiropractors (DC) annually. Click here to renew your DC license. For questions or support, please email

If my license is lapsed, how do I get them reactivated?

Reinstatement Process

If your license is cancelled or lapsed, you must complete the following Reinstatement Process:

  • Request reinstatement with a notification to the Board Office via email.
  • Pay a reinstatement Fee of $25 along with your annual renewal fee (if still outstanding),
  • Complete and report to the Board office all required CE hours, and
  • Register and pay the application fee of $300 to take the NC Jurisprudence Exam.
  • NOTE: IF your license has lapsed for more than 180 days you must also take and pass the SPEC Exam.
When can a successful candidates begin to practice after the exam?

New licensees may begin practice when they are notified that they were successful on the exam and given a license number.

What part of my record shows on the website licensee lookup?

Name, license number, initial license date, expiration date, license status, and any final agency decision regarding individual discipline or action on your license.

How can I get a copy of the rules and regulations for chiropractic in NC?

Rules and regulations are available on our website.

Are chiropractors considered expert witnesses in NC?

Yes. (GS 90-157.2)

Can chiropractors practice in hospitals?

Yes. (GS 90-145)

Can chiropractors certify to disability?

Yes, within the scope of chiropractic practice. (GS 58-50-30)

Must I have taken all parts of the National Board before I can apply to NC?

Yes, as defined in the DC the application process. Section 6. National Board Requirements for NC Applicants.

Will I need to submit proof of education in physiotherapy?

No – verification of education is not necessary, however, successful completion the National Board’s exam in physiotherapy must be submitted.

How do I find out what license renewal education is approved by the NC board?

Approved education will be via your account with CE Broker.  Details for setting up your free CE Broker account can be found here.

Can I use acupuncture in my chiropractic practice?

Yes, acupuncture may be practiced under the DC license after required education (200 hours) and certification has been completed. However, a Doctor of Chiropractic may not hold themselves out to be acupuncturists unless they have also passed the State Acupuncture Board exam and meet their licensure requirements.  The acupuncture rule can be viewed here.

Can a doctor of chiropractic utilize physical therapy modalities in their practice?

Yes, however, the chiropractor may not advertise himself as a physical therapist unless they have also passed the state Physical Therapy board examination and meet their licensure requirements.

What state or federal business numbers and/or registrations do I need to practice?
  • A State privilege license is necessary, and may be obtained from the North Carolina Department of Revenue
  • A Federal ID number should be obtained from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • An NPI# should be obtained here
  • Other billing and provider numbers may be applicable depending upon practice specifics
Do I need to contact the board when I incorporate my office?

Yes, there are forms which must be executed by the Board prior to submission to the Secretary of State. Click here.

Can I refer my patients to a massage therapist?

Yes. Further, when these activities are billed from a chiropractic office, the massage therapists must be an employee of the chiropractic physician.

Does a chiropractic assistant have to have more than “on the job” training to take x-rays in a chiropractic office?

Yes, all employees of a chiropractic office who perform activities involving the production of X-rays must complete Level II chiropractic assistant education.  Further, they must pass a proficiency examination administered under the authority of the Board. (GS 90-143.2, NC Administrative code 21 10.0203(d)).

Does NC accept the SPEC exam in place of the State exam?

No. The SPEC exam (of the National Board) is accepted for specific candidates providing all other requirements are in order.

Does the State have a “grandfather clause” for those who do not have all parts of the National Board?

Yes. 21 NCAC 10.0203  defines the requirements based on graduation date. Section 6. National Board Requirements for NC Applicants.

How often does the Board meet?

Quarterly, or at other times when warranted.

How long are applications kept on file?

Applications filed with the Board and the candidate fails to appear for the examination process will be held at the Board office for a period of one year after which they will be disposed of.

Can I practice under another chiropractic physician’s license until I am licensed? What am I allowed to do?

A DC, or student preceptor in an approved program, may perform the duties of a Level II Chiropractic Assistant. Activities such as the production of x-rays may be performed, but the employee may not interpret them. Examinations may be performed, but the employee may not offer a diagnosis. The utilization of physical therapy modalities is permissible providing it is under the supervision of the licensed DC. No manipulations should be performed by an unlicensed individual.

Can chiropractors do physical exams for schools?

It is within the scope of chiropractic to perform physical examinations. However, there is a state rule that public school athletic examinations be performed and signed by a MD, PA or Nurse Practitioner.

How do I file a complaint against a chiropractic license holder?

Click here for the complaint process. Complete the complaint form as requested and have it notarized, sworn to and submitted to the board.