Preceptor Guidelines

(a)  Chiropractic physicians who supervise students pursuant to G.S. 90-142.1 (“preceptors”) shall provide the Board with the following information prior to commencing student supervision on a form available on the Board’s website:

  1. Full name and license number of the preceptor;
  2. Full name of student;
  3. Chiropractic college in which student is enrolled;
  4. Expected date of graduation;
  5. Contact phone number and email for student;
  6. Start and end dates of preceptorship;
  7. Address where preceptorship will take place; and
  8. Acknowledgement by the preceptor that he/she has read the statutes, rules and guidelines regarding the preceptor role.

(b)  The minimum requirements for a preceptor are as follows:

  1. Active license issued by the Board;
  2. Licensure by the Board for at least five (5) years prior to submission of request to serve as a preceptor; and
  3. No prior suspension of the preceptor’s license, active or stayed; and
  4. No prior Board discipline of any kind within ten years of commencing the preceptor-student relationship.

(c)  Preceptors may supervise only one student at a time. Preceptors must obtain verbal consent from every patient who is treated by the student prior to the student commencing treatment. Consent must be documented in the patient’s record.